David Lee

Artist Statement

David Lee is a self-taught artist from Galway, Ireland, who developed an artistic flair at a young age. Realizing his passion early on, he left college to pursue a career in art. David moved to Berlin in 2016 and was influenced by a city renowned for its freedom of expression. This influenced his abstract style, allowing him to explore his craft without limitations or boundaries. David’s solo exhibition at AKA in Berlin in April 2018 showcased his exploration of darker abstract themes.

David approaches his art with limited planning beyond the choice of medium and palette, allowing the painting to naturally take shape. Always applying multiple layers, his work is rich with texture, colour and movement. David regularly experiments with new mediums and techniques. Acrylics, pastels, charcoal, ink and other collage elements are all part of his work.

From January 2019, David’s work has been influenced by the vibrant colours, sounds, sights and smells he has experienced while travelling through Asia. His most recent work captures elements of spontaneity and adventure. As an artist on the move, David’s work is rapidly evolving with every new place he encounters.

His artwork is featured in numerous private art collections around the world, including Ireland, USA, France, Australia, UK and Germany.


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